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Monday, May 25, 2009


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So, it has been a month of blog neglecting. University is killing me, I'm loaded with work, however the lack of motivation is always there. Last min starts, late nights, and endless pondering about when I'll finish an assessment. Only 2 weeks left of this pandemonium! Then I'll have my final exams, a month worth of holiday and round-up Semester 2 will progress shortly.

3 words.

I cannot wait!

Blog soon lovelies,

beauty like no other.

I'm crazy over the blog 4th and Bleeker! This chick, besides the overt perception of her beauty, her style of Aussie labels - Willow, Bassike, Romance was Born and love for Ellery dominates her pages with utterly alluring photography.
The shots are strikingly enticing. If you haven't done so, check it out at:

amplifying growth

The piercing blue eyes, porcelain doll-face, big hair and uneven teeth. Not to mention the vast amount of bodily piercings. Why is it that we sense she’s not just another blonde starlet.

Abbey Lee has come a long way.

Wasn’t it only yesterday she was modelling for small-end labels, appearing in various freelance magazines while exposing her inner Aussie-surfy chick image?
Swiftly, in less than 2 years.

Along comes supermodel stardom, adorned in D & G, photographed recurrently by Numero, and predominantly adored by the board of Gucci, we were given the opportunity to see more of her amazing stature.

Abbey Lee’s growth is indeed paramount, and yet we still sense there’s a lot more of her to come.

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paint me pink


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[style sightings]

I sit in absolute awe. Seemingly, I cannot fathom the sheer brilliance of this duo.


Thanks to LeFlassh.


Thanks to Erikas

Thank you for visting x

Thank you for visting x