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Sunday, December 28, 2008

sleek black and maxi prints

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Hana at the Return to Glamour Launch.

(I love black, Hana certainly proclaimed it loud and clear as evident in her outfits (I'd roughly estimate 92% of the times). But I also love maxi dresses, I've found myself trying lots on lately but haven't seemed to find the perfect one! They say you have to be tall to pull off this floor sweeping look. I'm 174cm but I still struggle to make sure my dress hasn't become a voluntary ground sweeper as soon as I leave my front door...

Hi lovelies!

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and Whoo with New Year around the corner. This is just getting too exciting!!

Sorry for the lack of updates/laziness recently, I haven't had a chance to reply to the comments and check out all your lovely sites like I normally would. Besides been preoccupied with catching up with friends, seeing the boyfriend, and working - I've found myself stripped from any spare time whatsoever. Oh how I missed posting and reading all the beautiful blogs!

In the short amount of time that I have on my hands right now, I have to go to bed since I have to wake up at 8am tomorrow morning. Sucks to be me right now hey? I'm so sleep deprived, I had work today and could barely stay awake!

Oh and of course the Boxing Day sales..who can forget those! Sadly I was working but I managed to have a quick browse before work and bought...

- 2 sass and bide dresses
- some pleasure state and elle macpherson lingerie
- a something top

Hmm.. something else but i can't quite remember right now. But I might pop in tomorrow and buy some Ksubi or Superfine jeans I've been eyeing for the past week.

Oh and I just purchased a massive TV today too, maybe I'm cursed but technology always seems to fail around me - my TV right now after only 3 years has changed to a wierd, off - yellow/orange tone. I rant so much!

Update ASAP ;)


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Gorgeous much?

all things cavalli and erin

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Erin + fellow models at the Roberto Cavalli for H & M launch.

do you remember when...

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As cliche as this sounds, but this pic almost seems to have a surreal quality - captivating my senses into realms of the familiar. An experiences that brings back old memories that makes me sit here and smile. Oh how I used to be such a naughty little kid, in my own little world with no boundaries believing everything is tangible, while I of course had to be invincible.

Oh good times.

feline lines

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Source: Harpers Bazaar UK Jan 09

So dreamy, so artsy, too good to be true.

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's that time again

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Russh Jan/Feb 09 Issue. Oh I can't hide my excitement. I'm so lame, I know - but I have a mag obsession where prior/on the day of release I remain in a positively fanatic state where I can't hide my enjoyment and the only thing on my mind is the wonders of crawling back into my bed with a few issues of my fave magazines piled up.

The smell of the newbies, almost as good as a pair of Bally heels. Which I have been eyeing for the past week now. Due to my failure to get my hands on the round toed, M by MJ patent pumps in nude or black. I came across these Bally ones the other day and my heart skipped. It was exactly what I'm looking for. I cringe at the thought that almost all of my pay would go to the creation if I were to take them home with me.

So has everyone finished Christmas shopping? I don't understand why the shopping centres are open til 12 Midnight lately, how absurd is it to think we would go shopping then, I guess besides the few benefits of parking and shorter queue ups, it's understandable.

I'm going on a road trip (precisely camping) next week, for 3 days only. I went last year to the same place and came back all bronzed and healthy. I haven't been getting enough of the beach, perhaps due to my bikini splurging obsession right now (I just bought a few more, A black Mambo one 2 days ago... It's cheap but I love their designs - the frilly ones and the printed ones are too cute to resist - but as luck would have it they didn't have a 6 or an 8. So I ended up with a plain black one with gold trimmings/drawstrings).

Got to go, new day awaits - I'm going to finish off the easiest part of my X'mas shopping - buying chocolates. Yum.

Oh the weather is pretty descent today as well, beach, beach, beach. But no, that can wait.

Enough of my rants. Hope you're all having a wonderful week.


with my sleeves rolled up...

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Donaldson with artist Tom Sachs @ V Mag Launch Event, Dec 8, 2008

burberry, kaleidoscopic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Source: Same source as previous post.

How amazing does Huntington look? Her look has effortlessly transcended into the spotlight. Wearing almost head to toe in Burberry 09 creations, sharpened with a black satin tux jacket, this girl sure knows style. With a killer body and accessorised to perfection - the python clutch looks ready to kill. I would wear everything here. Sense a hint of jealousy much?

spirited away

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Source: Hapers Bazaar UK Jan 09

Bellows in the wind.
Sheer wonders.
Melt your heart out.

affordable tailoring

Image and video hosting by TinyPic The new H & M issue.

Yep, you probably guessed it - no H & M in Australia. As wierd as it sounds, I sometimes find myself mindlessly staring at prev H & M campaigns while pondering what the actual attires are like...the fabric, the texture, the cut, the feel, the make...the entire lot. Due to the absence of owning a single piece of H & M clothing - I wonder if it is really that affordable and well-made. I think I like Zara better though, in comparison only.

clear oceans

Image and video hosting by TinyPic I'm not so sure if everyone is familiar with Seafolly but for those familiar with it, what do we think of the bathers? I think the campaign has gained wide recognition featuring Catherine McNeil but the actual swimwear itself is pretty normal for my liking. Am I being too critical?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

this christmas...

1st Dress: Zimmermann Zimbo Print dress. It's a must buy - I'm nuts over the print.
2nd Dress: Far from Winter now, but this Stella McCartney wool jersey belted dress is a beauty.

1st Top: I'm pretty into Stella, I've just realised. This silk jersey top/dress fits perfectly in my mood for matted neutrals right now.
2nd Jacket: Ahh, it's Mike and Chris. Overrated much? But I want this leather badly nevertheless.

1st Skirt: Fendi Honey Comb knitted skirt. Edgy but a perfect interesting mix of Winter attire.
2nd Dress: herve Leger bandage sequin mini dress. I would keep this forever sparkling.
1st Pic: I love these cutesies they are from Stella M again...a pack of 7 day underwear.
2nd Dress: Perfect for the beach too, this versatile dress is from Maje - the Elyna silk dress
1st Bangle: Marc By Marc Jacobs Hinge bangle. It's so cute and won't break the budget. Clean, simple but effective.
2nd Cuff: A splurge, but to die for! Chanel Lace cuff in gold.

1st Necklace: I've wanted this for a LONG time. Karen Walker bow pendant necklace. I have a bow obsession too.
2nd Ring: Again I probably wanted this in the beginning of 2008, Swarovski ring.

1st Lingerie: Anything Elle Macpherson boudoir would be marvellous.
2nd Lingerie: I love La Perla Lingerie. Their Indomitable range is purely devine.

1st Top: Sass and Bide Ladies of the Canyon. The top is so cute! $140
2nd Dress: I'm quite a big Sass and Bide fan, inner beauty tunic dress $299

1st Dress: Sass and Bide, Her Own Way Embroidered dress $350
2nd Dress: Friedrich Gray front pleated black mini. I love basic lines.

1st Leggings: Sass and Bide Rats of course. $170
2nd Jeans: Cheap Monday Jeans.

1st Sunnies: I need a new pair. Anything AM eyewear, D & G...garh just any... Les Specs would be fine too!
2nd Bag: Longchamp Les Pliages. I know so many people have them now, but I need it for Uni - it's the perfect size/carry-all.

Ahh my wishlist! There's many more but pictorially-wise this is an edited version of what it should look like. Oh if only!
What are everyones plans for Christmas/New Years?
I still haven't fully decided what to do this NYE. Pretty last minute aye?
Ps: Pics courtesy of Mycatwalk/net-a-porter

extremity of cuteness


Sarah Stephens, she's totally adorable.

Friday, December 19, 2008

loubs and short dresses

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I'm so into a matted palettes right now. The neutral dress is just so basic, so good, and sashayed with a black ribbon. Defined with Louboutins.

abundant luxury

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

French Vogue. Model: Natalia Chebanenko

Blatantly, that diamond cuff she's wearing is to die for. I must admit have a cuffs obsession right now.


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