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Saturday, December 20, 2008

this christmas...

1st Dress: Zimmermann Zimbo Print dress. It's a must buy - I'm nuts over the print.
2nd Dress: Far from Winter now, but this Stella McCartney wool jersey belted dress is a beauty.

1st Top: I'm pretty into Stella, I've just realised. This silk jersey top/dress fits perfectly in my mood for matted neutrals right now.
2nd Jacket: Ahh, it's Mike and Chris. Overrated much? But I want this leather badly nevertheless.

1st Skirt: Fendi Honey Comb knitted skirt. Edgy but a perfect interesting mix of Winter attire.
2nd Dress: herve Leger bandage sequin mini dress. I would keep this forever sparkling.
1st Pic: I love these cutesies they are from Stella M again...a pack of 7 day underwear.
2nd Dress: Perfect for the beach too, this versatile dress is from Maje - the Elyna silk dress
1st Bangle: Marc By Marc Jacobs Hinge bangle. It's so cute and won't break the budget. Clean, simple but effective.
2nd Cuff: A splurge, but to die for! Chanel Lace cuff in gold.

1st Necklace: I've wanted this for a LONG time. Karen Walker bow pendant necklace. I have a bow obsession too.
2nd Ring: Again I probably wanted this in the beginning of 2008, Swarovski ring.

1st Lingerie: Anything Elle Macpherson boudoir would be marvellous.
2nd Lingerie: I love La Perla Lingerie. Their Indomitable range is purely devine.

1st Top: Sass and Bide Ladies of the Canyon. The top is so cute! $140
2nd Dress: I'm quite a big Sass and Bide fan, inner beauty tunic dress $299

1st Dress: Sass and Bide, Her Own Way Embroidered dress $350
2nd Dress: Friedrich Gray front pleated black mini. I love basic lines.

1st Leggings: Sass and Bide Rats of course. $170
2nd Jeans: Cheap Monday Jeans.

1st Sunnies: I need a new pair. Anything AM eyewear, D & G...garh just any... Les Specs would be fine too!
2nd Bag: Longchamp Les Pliages. I know so many people have them now, but I need it for Uni - it's the perfect size/carry-all.

Ahh my wishlist! There's many more but pictorially-wise this is an edited version of what it should look like. Oh if only!
What are everyones plans for Christmas/New Years?
I still haven't fully decided what to do this NYE. Pretty last minute aye?
Ps: Pics courtesy of Mycatwalk/net-a-porter


Anonymous said...

Wow, the Fendi honeycomb skirt is so cool. And I adore the last four things on your list...

Tell us what you end up getting (:

Oooh and definitely link exchange, I'm adding you as soon as I finish typing this comment!

leflassh. said...

oh god i am in heaven.
those stella undies are so adorable!!

sarah said...

love that leather. the ed is from the new russh..i think its out this week x

Lisa said...

L O V E. stella.
she is my # 1.

crazy cool list beauty.
i hope santa delivers.

hope you are enjoying the festive cheer.


erikas said...

Thank u for your lovely comments!
I love all these stella clothes :)amazing!

erikas said...

and to your guestion! Yeah I would love to exhange links :)

Alex said...

I _love_ that sequined dress. I actually got an all black one for Christmas. So wonderful :)

Maria C said...

I heart the Zimmerman dress! its a beauty :)

Have a great Christmas!

Unpretentious Diva said...

the Fendi honeycomb skirt is surely lovely.

ehh I found whole of your blog full of beauty spilled at every part.

it is a fact that beauty is a relative talk.
But i am sure everybody will say that your blog is beautiful.
So let me convey my sense of beauty too as a payback for the nice experience your blog provided me :)The Beast.


Anonymous said...

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