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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

this whirlpool of thought


I just finished an exam. One down, 2 more to go. I have another one tomorrow. Brilliant!Image and video hosting by TinyPic

oh megan, you're too hot for words.

[DT Spain]
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swing your hips

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Jeans!! Argh, I want to engage in a days worth of denim browsing. Plenty of items on my to-do list. I want new jeans for the upcoming season, NOW. I've worn out my old pairs of ksubis, I've embellished them, hated them and had trouble FITTING into them. Back to a I love the new seasonal range that just came out. Stick to the Cheap Mondays, they all say. Though I have been eyeing the Cassette Society and I'm loving jeans from I Heard they Eat Cigarettes! Endless options when it comes down to jeans. I can never get enough!

Psychedelic delight

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Viewing bursts of colour on this rainy day. Who would ask for more?

i wish i was dreaming, but let's face it. this is reality

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Monday, June 15, 2009

you pretty little thing

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[Russh, 2008]

Shanay Hall is one of my favourite Aussie models. Glad to see she's been receiving much more attention nowadays especially editorial work within the Australian market. I'm pretty sure she's wearing an Ellery dress here, I should check on it. But everything about it is amazing.

pure opulence

Kerr shines in her satin, burnt-orange gown topped off with a power clutch and not to mention how amazing the pretty boy looks. I feel like a kid saying this, but Orlando melts my heart. :)

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The asymmetries of tie-dye

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Currently, tie-dying a beat-up white singlet just like that. And I'm going to top it off with strands of metal interlocked through the slashed back. Anticipating this progress. I'm a total time-waster when it comes to exams. I just can't help it.

crisp, clean-cut lines

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Bosworth, what a stunner. I've been adoring over her style lately, much more than I used to. I love how she mixes her soft pastels with mild structuring. Classy, well-defined, yet constrastingly at times, grundgy.

In Stella McCartney. Who would ask for more?

rockin' it with this attitude

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

floral mania

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So it's winter here. Bitter, decadent skies and breathless mornings. Though I love winter fashion, I’m not sure how I feel about waking up every morning, reluctant to change into day-wear. Something about floral dresses, topped with leather jackets and opaque black stockings provides me enough motivation to sense spring is just around the corner. But more so the fact that the only flowers I’ll be seeing on a day-to-day basis are on my silk, floral garments, printed in resemblance to the blossoms yet to come.

Ps: thanks to all the lovely bloggers wishing me luck for my exams. I'll go wild with blogging soon after I've finished my 3 exams in less than two weeks. I better commence studying in the meantime!

Oh and I've gone wild on spending this month, I figured since it's freezing and I need prompt-motivation to reward myself on how I've managed to pull through anothet Semester.. I've purchased the following items that I've been desiring for, for the past month or so :) here's a condensed list of them!

Blog soon sweets!

Sass & Bide

Elle Macpherson Boudoir [Net-a-Porter]

Camilla and Marc Delilah Frock []

Zimmermann Witches Coat

watch me pose

[Harper's Bazaar, Australia, June 09]

I love everything about this look. Cute, yet grunge and assembled with sexy, grey jeans and heavymetal jewellery. Tough.

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bronzed & sequined

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[Numero, France 09]

Poly shines in this full-page spread, adorned in soft, wispy organza and draped around her petite frame, placidly.

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Although I've heard nothing but crude remarks thrown at this girl. I think she is absolutely stunning. Regardless of her life as a socialite and her bitching drama roles. She's beyond gorgeous!

Monday, May 25, 2009


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So, it has been a month of blog neglecting. University is killing me, I'm loaded with work, however the lack of motivation is always there. Last min starts, late nights, and endless pondering about when I'll finish an assessment. Only 2 weeks left of this pandemonium! Then I'll have my final exams, a month worth of holiday and round-up Semester 2 will progress shortly.

3 words.

I cannot wait!

Blog soon lovelies,

beauty like no other.

I'm crazy over the blog 4th and Bleeker! This chick, besides the overt perception of her beauty, her style of Aussie labels - Willow, Bassike, Romance was Born and love for Ellery dominates her pages with utterly alluring photography.
The shots are strikingly enticing. If you haven't done so, check it out at:

amplifying growth

The piercing blue eyes, porcelain doll-face, big hair and uneven teeth. Not to mention the vast amount of bodily piercings. Why is it that we sense she’s not just another blonde starlet.

Abbey Lee has come a long way.

Wasn’t it only yesterday she was modelling for small-end labels, appearing in various freelance magazines while exposing her inner Aussie-surfy chick image?
Swiftly, in less than 2 years.

Along comes supermodel stardom, adorned in D & G, photographed recurrently by Numero, and predominantly adored by the board of Gucci, we were given the opportunity to see more of her amazing stature.

Abbey Lee’s growth is indeed paramount, and yet we still sense there’s a lot more of her to come.

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paint me pink


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[style sightings]

I sit in absolute awe. Seemingly, I cannot fathom the sheer brilliance of this duo.

Friday, April 24, 2009


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[Vogue Aus, April 09] - Amazing Willow dress + I want those Isabel Marant boots!!

Dearest readers,

Again, apologies for abandoning my blog for weeks. Has it been weeks? It certaintly feels that way. I've been lethargic and consumed with juggling everything else (Uni, job, social life etc etc) that I haven't had proper time to post. I'll be back though once this studying load tranquilises slightly.

Thanks for all the lovely comments, again I'll get on top of that too :)

Lots of love,

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sorry lovelies, haven't had the chance to reply to comments/update my blogroll! Will get onto that asap. I'm still reading/catching up on all the lovely updates of your I've been missing out on!

A quick update before I hop into bed! Having been heavily consumed in my busy schedule with Uni creeping upon Week 4 .. ALREADY and part-time work followed by a handful of catching up with friends, birthdays, and the new boy. I'm mentally and physically exhausted once again. Where's that holiday when I need one. Thank god, the Easter Break is just around the corner again. But then too bad it only lasts 1 week.

I hate to be whinging all over again - I need to look for another job :) I just obtained my perfect interview-worthy attire. A sleek, dark navy, small bell sleeved above the knee sheath dress cinched with a matching belt akin to Rouland Mouret (ok fine, no where near that extravagant but with my current budget it passes) I'm still searching high and low for that internship. Not that I've given 110% effort especially in admist the economic crisis, I'm at least trying. And to top it off, my 'wish-list' continues to grow - in contrary to my current income. Bad idea huh?

Yes, that's what I keep telling myself. That the Marchesa inspired, gold trimmed butterfly sleeved mini dress is not a must-have. And the same goes to the Antipodium black zipper mini with customised silver chains that I have trouble getting into...let alone out.

Have a great week guys!

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Thanks to LeFlassh.


Thanks to Erikas

Thank you for visting x

Thank you for visting x