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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sorry lovelies, haven't had the chance to reply to comments/update my blogroll! Will get onto that asap. I'm still reading/catching up on all the lovely updates of your I've been missing out on!

A quick update before I hop into bed! Having been heavily consumed in my busy schedule with Uni creeping upon Week 4 .. ALREADY and part-time work followed by a handful of catching up with friends, birthdays, and the new boy. I'm mentally and physically exhausted once again. Where's that holiday when I need one. Thank god, the Easter Break is just around the corner again. But then too bad it only lasts 1 week.

I hate to be whinging all over again - I need to look for another job :) I just obtained my perfect interview-worthy attire. A sleek, dark navy, small bell sleeved above the knee sheath dress cinched with a matching belt akin to Rouland Mouret (ok fine, no where near that extravagant but with my current budget it passes) I'm still searching high and low for that internship. Not that I've given 110% effort especially in admist the economic crisis, I'm at least trying. And to top it off, my 'wish-list' continues to grow - in contrary to my current income. Bad idea huh?

Yes, that's what I keep telling myself. That the Marchesa inspired, gold trimmed butterfly sleeved mini dress is not a must-have. And the same goes to the Antipodium black zipper mini with customised silver chains that I have trouble getting into...let alone out.

Have a great week guys!

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Stephanie said...

my 'wish-list' continues to grow - in contrary to my current income. : story of my l i f e!!! lol!!

Good luck with your job/internship hunt lady.

Great pictures :)


Anonymous said...

beautiful photos. can't wait for easter either :)

erikas said...

Absolutely amazing photos:)Good luck with the job hunt!

Lizy Curtis said...

Pretty photos!

Silje said...

Beautiful pictures!=)

Bijou and Ruby said...

love love love your blog! Filled with such fab inspiration.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures
i love your blog!would you like to exchange links?

don'tsaynofashion said...

loved th photos

visit my blog please

electric feel said...

good luck!

love the shoots!

Anonymous said...

these pics make me want summer!!!

Girl next blog said...

too beautiful

Shin said...

I love your blog! So many beautiful photos and love the quote on your header! xxoxoxoxo

agnes said...

you are awarded dear :)

Noemi Rochelle D said...

Good luck :)

Victoria C said...

i love those photos, i want to wear a headband like that
good luck with job hunt! i know how stressful that can be xo

Karen said...

these photos are stunning, something id want to put on my wall!

Miss G* said...

You make beautiful selections!

Anonymous said...



Thanks to LeFlassh.


Thanks to Erikas

Thank you for visting x

Thank you for visting x