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Thursday, March 19, 2009

take my breath away, one last time

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What does everyone think of Flora by GUCCI? I'm stocking up on new perfumes for Winter 09 - my all time fave is still FLOWERBOMB V&R, but I'm loving the new Juicy Couture scent. It's a must have - though the new release is anything but a Winter scent, it's beautiful - so summery, young and oh so fresh. I'm in love.


Lizy Curtis said...

I love the juicy couture one! plus they have gorgeous bottles!

Love the dress in this image!

italian fashion holiday. said...

flowerbomb has become my signature scent since this past christmas when i received it as a gift. it's a gorgeous smell!

CandiDandiStylinWylin said...

i love abbey lee! and she comes from australia like me!

TakeaDoubleTake said...

this ad is gorgeous

Jillian said...

I just did a presentation on Gucci for one of my classes and talked about this advertisement - haven't gotten a chance to smell it yet though!

modern wonder said...

i have a bottle of this perfume and adore it. and the picture is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

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