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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

this obsession with blazers

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So since Uni commenced on Monday, I've been horrified at the state of my wardrobe. Blatantly speaking, not very 'uni-esque'.

I've been wearing bandage singlet dresses in grey and black with black tights and black ballet flats. Toting around a black, flat tote and additional cream, long scarves to polish the look. I haven't been too fussed (not that I'm ever fussed with uni attire, I'm just thankful when my hair is clean) especially with the unpredictable yo-yo weather headed daily, it's been a day of singlets and denim cutoffs and a day of black blazers, tights, minis and plain tees.

Monday lectures are the hardest, 9am... I always sleep in. It's been hell trying to head back to the morning start cycle. With abundant V bottles and my love for mochas and iced coffee keeps me pumped to get through the day.

Yesterday I went on a Mag spree, bought 5 mags to keep me pre-occupied and today I bought all the textbooks I needed for my courses this semester. I'm looking forward to the Zimmermann sale tomorrow. I'm dragging the boy with me since the location is unheard of. Oh Zimmermann, I cannot wait.

Much love,


rebeca said...

blazers for everything!

electric feel said...


gave you an award darlin!!

Stephanie said...

Great post! I wear blazers 24.7! They're my go-to piece: they pull anything perfectly together and I love how un-polished they can look at once. Your college look these days sounds perfect!


Cindy said...

i'm trying to find one that is cut away in the front with a cute lining. finding the perfect blazer is not an easy task but so worth it in the end. good luck with uni. i recently went by my old one and they have a starbucks now. to think i could have been staying awake with half sweet mochas and non fat capps, instead or tim's double doubles (it's a canadian thing).

LoveMore said...

oh 5 mags! don't you hate how that racks up to be like $60? it kills me..but we are addicted right? rehab needed i think!

thanks for your comment, and BLAH to uni,..i deferred, !

xxx love LM

ps - blazers, i DEF need to go to rehab for. yikes.

Billie Jean said...

We nominated you for an award, because your blog is fantastic!
Feel free to continue it :).

Nikéh and Maxime

brittany said...

i LOOOVE that photo of lily!

and i'm feeling the same way.. my wardrobe is definitely lackingggg some nice blazers

maria memi said...

dear thank you very much. i really love the blog of yours, Im gonna link you now!


Styleseeking Zurich said...

It's my first visit to your blog and I have to say: I absolutely love it! Definitely checking this out daily! From how you described your style I get the feeling that it's something I'd want to wear every day. Unfortunately it started to snow here again, ugh... :(



italian fashion holiday. said...

blazers are timeless! love the look of the girl on the left.

closeup said...

amazing! i think an oversize blazer is absolutely a must-have!!

Mimi said...

Hope you get amazing goodies! I adore that pic of Lily


Highdee said...

Oh but blazers are divine!
hha, good luck with waking up tomorrow, i'm dreading it already.

i like your blog btw.

CRISTA said...

LOVE blazers and japanese magazines!!!

The Stiletto Effect said...

I adore blazer! They go well with lots of outfits!

Anonymous said...

haha...i love blazers! i wear them all the time. even though i have so many, i need a lot more!

the healthy ghost said...

Me too¡I love the blazer and hot pants

Anonymous said...

does she have her blazer tucked into her belt? cute. i wish i could wear blazers daily but it's too hot in texas! they are the perfect addition to any outfit!

Madeline said...

i love blazers. i got mine in the boys section of a thrift store. its the best.

agnes said...

oh yes! more Blazer please!

Bella said...

There are times when I think I could live in blazers and never get tired of it. lol-xx

This is incredibly inspirational!

Michael Oats said...

Hey! how are u?

I've been a long time without posting any shooting due to some problems, but today I wanted to share something new. It's just one picture but I hope you like it.



Photographed by Michael Oats

millmill said...

i am definalty going out to find some perfect blazers. i adore them and don't even own one! grr

lauren. said...

adore blazers and denim cutoffs. it says im classy but im still here to party.

Anonymous said...

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