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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

rodarte me, fabulous

sources: avant garde

This screams. Sultry.

Stand back.

model style

Sources: Mystyle

Donaldson, Aldrige, Watson, Poly, Stegner...just naming a few of the supermodels with style I love. I'm not quite sure what it is about the models of the moment, maybe it is my love for the colour combinations - the grey, white, black and cream palettes, maybe it is because of their stunning killer bods, hence anything would look a million dollars on them. Who knows, all I know is that I love many of these supermodel styles and that they will continue, for a long time to be the core of my inspiration.

On the runway, and off.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

she moves in her own way.

Sources: Demode

may this be everlasting

The Gucci Spring/Summer 09 collection. Breathtakingly beautiful, yet so simple. So elegant. I love the blue maxi dress Donaldson is wearing. It seems to scream, sheer luxury.

pania rose and her endless legs

Amazing. Haunting at times, but the effect is paramount.

Source: Madison

Friday, September 26, 2008

spring/summer 08/09

printed DIY dresses

blk/wht combo

mellow singlets and babydoll hues

white silk blouses and grey shorts

simply chic in grey, white, black

printed tees (one teaspoon pictured) and high waisted denim/blue toned skirts

printed dream palettes

the one shouldered look

floral dresses

the carefree, holidaying appeal

grey and black

silky, billowing prints

appliqued silk dresses

floral, butterfly sleeved dresses

toned down, white blouse

simple tee dresses and gladiator flats

white silk camis

basics and denim, never goes wrong

Waking up to blue sky, sunshine, and warm breezes. I've craved so long for. Getting up at 8am for Uni on weekdays in the past weeks, months, has been painful, not to mention a grudge. My ever so untouched goal of waking up at 7am for a morning run has been neglected all this time. Call it lack of motivation, cold weather and the gloomy winter mornings all prevented me from my weekly exercises. I think it has partly to do with my laziness.

This is a convo between me and my friend that occured in a department store a few weeks ago.

"I don't know what to wear this Summer!"

"Same. What did you wear last Summer?"
"Umm...lots AA, Sass and Bide denim shorts I won't wear again...etc etc, you?"
"Yeh, Alice McCall high waisted grey shorts, silk cami tops etc etc not to mention..some hideous fluoro that I won't touch again for a LONG time, eww."
"God I know aye, man I don't know what to wear this Summer!"
"*Sigh*...Same here"

So I've been pondering about what my Spring/Summer wardrobe would be like.. not to mention a list of to have items for the seasons.

floral dresses, white silk billowing blouses, lots of AA, lots of basics, more denim cut-offs, splashes of citrus colours, white/coral shirts rolled up sleeves,
white silk dresses, black/grey singlet dresses, tie-dye printed tops and dresses, subdued/mellow block printed singlets the list goes on...


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Thank you for visting x