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Sunday, June 14, 2009

floral mania

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So it's winter here. Bitter, decadent skies and breathless mornings. Though I love winter fashion, I’m not sure how I feel about waking up every morning, reluctant to change into day-wear. Something about floral dresses, topped with leather jackets and opaque black stockings provides me enough motivation to sense spring is just around the corner. But more so the fact that the only flowers I’ll be seeing on a day-to-day basis are on my silk, floral garments, printed in resemblance to the blossoms yet to come.

Ps: thanks to all the lovely bloggers wishing me luck for my exams. I'll go wild with blogging soon after I've finished my 3 exams in less than two weeks. I better commence studying in the meantime!

Oh and I've gone wild on spending this month, I figured since it's freezing and I need prompt-motivation to reward myself on how I've managed to pull through anothet Semester.. I've purchased the following items that I've been desiring for, for the past month or so :) here's a condensed list of them!

Blog soon sweets!

Sass & Bide

Elle Macpherson Boudoir [Net-a-Porter]

Camilla and Marc Delilah Frock []

Zimmermann Witches Coat


Miss G* said...

I love that bobo/chic style on the first picture!

electric feel said...

DREE looka absolutly amazing!

Urbanite said...

The picture lovely but your latest expenses are a job well done! I love everything you bought, especially the first two.


Thanks to LeFlassh.


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Thank you for visting x