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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

shades of sunlight

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Where did the sun go! It's meant to be summer afterall. Just bought a new Tigerlily bikini and can't wait for the beach but it's all gloomy and unexpected weather nowadays. Hoping for better weather next week to hit the beach. I've been busy Christmas shopping lately, bad for the plastic huh? To justify for the hefty expenditure I tend to find myself using reciprocity amongst my definition of 'helping the economy' in the admist of the credit crunch. Afterall I am doing my bit right? At least that's what I've been reassuring myself. There's a Ksubi sale on the weekend that I am dying to go to as I am in need of some new jeans. But I've never been, not sure if it's worth it. I'm pretty dogmatic when I imagine the massive queue-ups and all the aggressive, individualistic intentions behind it all. On a lighter note, all these sales and no time to go, rather upsetting.



jaime said...

of course, i would love to! since i lovee your blog and all your photos!

Jills said...

added you to the blog roll!

Missindiferencia said...

your blog is amazing!

deep_in_vogue said...

goodness, need to get started with my christmas shopping!

Lisa said...

ooo indead in australia it's summer, i just want to have snow here!
but for you i hope that you have alot of sun!


Lisa said...

hi beauty!!!

oh my- i have to pack zimmers away for 2 months :(

thanks for all your well wishes girl.

i am back in the land of cold!

i have missed your posts!!!


Maria C said...

thank you, yes lets exchange links.. I'm adding you to my blog roll now :)

I agree, what the heck is happening with Sydney's weather. It totally sucks right now! Alas, I heard it will be about 31 degrees on Saturday... beach time!

Siljesfashion said...

Ah Ksubi, you should go!Love it.

Aly-gator said...

beautiful photograph

rebeca said...


sarah said...

i cant believe the weather is so bad lately, its pouring today :( and it doesnt even seem like summer!! x

leflassh. said...

hello darling!

i have given you an award


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