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Sunday, December 28, 2008

sleek black and maxi prints

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Hana at the Return to Glamour Launch.

(I love black, Hana certainly proclaimed it loud and clear as evident in her outfits (I'd roughly estimate 92% of the times). But I also love maxi dresses, I've found myself trying lots on lately but haven't seemed to find the perfect one! They say you have to be tall to pull off this floor sweeping look. I'm 174cm but I still struggle to make sure my dress hasn't become a voluntary ground sweeper as soon as I leave my front door...

Hi lovelies!

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and Whoo with New Year around the corner. This is just getting too exciting!!

Sorry for the lack of updates/laziness recently, I haven't had a chance to reply to the comments and check out all your lovely sites like I normally would. Besides been preoccupied with catching up with friends, seeing the boyfriend, and working - I've found myself stripped from any spare time whatsoever. Oh how I missed posting and reading all the beautiful blogs!

In the short amount of time that I have on my hands right now, I have to go to bed since I have to wake up at 8am tomorrow morning. Sucks to be me right now hey? I'm so sleep deprived, I had work today and could barely stay awake!

Oh and of course the Boxing Day sales..who can forget those! Sadly I was working but I managed to have a quick browse before work and bought...

- 2 sass and bide dresses
- some pleasure state and elle macpherson lingerie
- a something top

Hmm.. something else but i can't quite remember right now. But I might pop in tomorrow and buy some Ksubi or Superfine jeans I've been eyeing for the past week.

Oh and I just purchased a massive TV today too, maybe I'm cursed but technology always seems to fail around me - my TV right now after only 3 years has changed to a wierd, off - yellow/orange tone. I rant so much!

Update ASAP ;)


STEFANIE said...

Well happy holidays to you too!
Hope you get some sleep soon! But I know what you're talking about, I'm always sleep deprived because, well I don't sleep enough (my fault really, I go to bed so late) and there are these moments where you are really struggeling, just to keep your eyes open!

leflassh. said...

both of those dresses are gorgeous as well as the girls wearing them!
and lucky for you getting to wear pleasure state and elle underwear! ahh!

essenceanddesire said...

Happy holidays, and happy new year Mel!


Lisa said...


sounds like you had a BEAUTIFUL christmas filled with fashionable finds.

i love hana.
+ maxi's.

where are you working now?

i know you are enjoying the sand + sea.

it is freezing here.



LoveMore said...

Merry Belated Christmas!
That MAXI Dress is DEVINE! glad you had a nice christmas...i too just got home from being away! so happy to be home though..x LM

Stephanie said...

happy holidays! Sounds like you got amazing boxing day pieces!
It was my first year in like the last decade not working boxing day!!!! I was thrilled! I didn't leave the house. lol.

Blood Roses said...

merry christmas peaches! sounds like you have been hammering the too! i am trying to spend my way out of recession :)

Bella said...

Sounds like you scored, but get that much needed rest. xxx

Happy New Year babe... cheers to 2009!

Fashion Carnival said...

happy holidays! both dresses are beautiful and Hanna looked gorgeous! the maxi drss is wonderful.. i so love it!

Stephanie said...

Staying in and watching movies is exactly what I have planned for nye! You should def do it one year! All my friends and family are out of town so it's the perfect occasion to have a nye in! I can't wait. the movie lineup is all ready to go. lol.
all the best for 2009 lovely ;-)

LoveMore said...

thanks for your comment!! :)
love your blog too, will add you back xx
also i am jealous of all your shopping! i LOVE LOVE sass and bide!!! xxxx LM
Happy New Year

atelier said...

I guess I mention it before, but Happy New Year;)!

electric feel said...

the lady on the right side looks stunning in the H&M dress

goa india said...

that was a stunning collection...enjoyed!! wish you a delightful New Year.

Fashionista* said...

i love this picture!
those girls look fabulous
i need those dresses to

*happy new year*


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Thank you for visting x