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Monday, December 22, 2008

It's that time again

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Russh Jan/Feb 09 Issue. Oh I can't hide my excitement. I'm so lame, I know - but I have a mag obsession where prior/on the day of release I remain in a positively fanatic state where I can't hide my enjoyment and the only thing on my mind is the wonders of crawling back into my bed with a few issues of my fave magazines piled up.

The smell of the newbies, almost as good as a pair of Bally heels. Which I have been eyeing for the past week now. Due to my failure to get my hands on the round toed, M by MJ patent pumps in nude or black. I came across these Bally ones the other day and my heart skipped. It was exactly what I'm looking for. I cringe at the thought that almost all of my pay would go to the creation if I were to take them home with me.

So has everyone finished Christmas shopping? I don't understand why the shopping centres are open til 12 Midnight lately, how absurd is it to think we would go shopping then, I guess besides the few benefits of parking and shorter queue ups, it's understandable.

I'm going on a road trip (precisely camping) next week, for 3 days only. I went last year to the same place and came back all bronzed and healthy. I haven't been getting enough of the beach, perhaps due to my bikini splurging obsession right now (I just bought a few more, A black Mambo one 2 days ago... It's cheap but I love their designs - the frilly ones and the printed ones are too cute to resist - but as luck would have it they didn't have a 6 or an 8. So I ended up with a plain black one with gold trimmings/drawstrings).

Got to go, new day awaits - I'm going to finish off the easiest part of my X'mas shopping - buying chocolates. Yum.

Oh the weather is pretty descent today as well, beach, beach, beach. But no, that can wait.

Enough of my rants. Hope you're all having a wonderful week.



leflassh. said...

the new russh issue is great!!
i cant believe i never used to buy it before!! its fab. x

mangopeachapple said...

Ooh!! Russh! I can't wait to get my hands on these.

Lisa said...

oo i just got my first issue the other day!

i came across it at a Canadian bookstore.

i fell hard.

i hope i can get this one soooooon!

goodluck with the crowds!
i love all the rushing around.

happy holidays beauty!

agnes said...

I wish they sell Russh here. I only have 1 copy, but i must say it's one of the best Aussie fashion mag!!

AND Merry christmas to you my dear!

made this little card for you :)


i want to get that issue now!

And shopping centers are opened until 12 over there? over here its only until 9 or 10!

I love ur blog and style! i will be following it from now on

happy holidays!

Chris L.


Thanks to LeFlassh.


Thanks to Erikas

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Thank you for visting x