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Monday, June 15, 2009

pure opulence

Kerr shines in her satin, burnt-orange gown topped off with a power clutch and not to mention how amazing the pretty boy looks. I feel like a kid saying this, but Orlando melts my heart. :)

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stephanie said...

he melts mine too....he so gorgeous in that really huggable kind of way!!


Rebecca said...

she is like unbeliveable!
ew i sound like a perverted boy haha x

harlequins party said...

melting as I type, what a lovely picture. Miranda looks like the cat that got the cream x

Anonymous said...

he's a beaut. when Lord of the Rings was in theaters I used to squeal every time he'd come on screen.

Kat said...

Great pic!

Original Sin said...

i absolutely love them as a couple!

Inu Inu said...

ahhhhck he is so cute. i wanna pinch his cheeks, stare into his eyes and snuggle. haha, yeah that isn't creepy!

KATLIN said...

sorry that was me above. was logged into a friend's acct :x

Anonymous said...


Fashion Labyrinth said...

Miranda and Orlando both look amazing.

p.s. what the heck kind of car is that? the seat look like plane seats!

alannah. said...

a fellow aussie blog yew! & i totally agree with you on every comment youve made.x

Anonymous said...

She looks stunning in her shimmering <a href=">Nightclub clothes</a>!

Anonymous said...

She looks stunning in her shimmering <a href=">Nightclub clothes</a>!


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