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Saturday, January 17, 2009


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Can they look any more perfect?

Many say Kerr's style is simply plain yet she pulls it off as 'ultra-stylish' simply due to her amazing body however I disagree by believing she's got her own style. Whether it's basic singlets, black heels and the endless amount of skinny denim she hangs in her closet or the unforgettable black blazer she wears at an ever consistent rate. Kerr is beautiful. Simple, elegant and always stylish. I love how the the couple both dress alike, accompanying eachother at a recurrent basis parading in unbounded supplies of black.


irene said...

They are amazingly perfect!
thanks for this picture!


closeup said...

they are wonderful together!!

ps: thank you very much for your nice comment :) and I really like your blog- seems that you're well schooled in model issues :)

erikas said...

I totally agree with you:)such a wonderful couple!

Martina said...

you're right!! they're so nice!!!

Stephanie said...

god he's gorgeous. she's gorgeous. they are perfection together.

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous couple!

your blog is lovely :)


agnes said...

they are just tooo cute together :)

Ashleigh said...


electric feel said...

stylish couple- there is no more to say

Girl next blog said...

They look so cute together!

And your blog is awesome, by the way.


Dooder City said...

They kind of look like brother and sister to me. What do you think?

Nadia said...

Yeah they're too cute for words--boy do I need an arm charm.

jessica said...

ohhh miranda ♥


Hippie, hippie - milkshake said...

hot looking couple.Miranda is beautiful &stylish. jeans & high heels is my favorite combo too.
thanks for your comment on my blog. have a lovely sunday.

STEFANIE said...

they look really really great together :)

syd vicious said...


deep_in_vogue said...

dream couple is more like it actually, they're incredible :)

Fashionista* said...

the look perfect together

Behind the Seams said...

i know! can she be any prettier? lol

Kate said...

holy run on sentence


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