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Friday, January 2, 2009

This New Year

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Freja Beha in Vogue France


2009 is going to be LOVE!

So excited not to mention how startled I am that time really flies. This year, especially flew right past me. Some of 08's resolutions were achieved and some hardly mingled upon. Yet I don't feel so terrible about myself considering the perfectionist that I am. I actually feel I achieved almost to my satisfactory level - yet just a little short. But that makes me work harder towards everything, in any aspect every year.

Honestly, I haven't even thought about New Years Resolutions, perhaps due to my somnolent state that I have been for the previous 2 weeks due to work fatigue and endless partying after work I am physically and mentally drained.

New Years Eve, though overrated was lovely and New Years day, despite some hiccups here and there was spent at the beach followed by another long, restless night. Then of course work comes calling when least expected at 9am in the morning, far from work-worthy attire - I was wearing DIY denim cut-offs (cut a little too short, almost like those Wrangler high waisted denim shorts on the ad featuring the butt and the butt only to my nightmare) and a multi-coloured oversized Something singlet that revealed my black, lacey Pleasure State bra with gladiator flats and a bag consisting mostly of beach paraphernalia.


But despite it all, it's been fantastic - today I've cancelled most plans to tidy the house, and my room to be frank - days without cleaning, the clothes, books and mags are in morbid condition in need of a good dust. Tomorrow will be followed by shopping with my dad and dinner with my girlfriend. Then comes camp from the 5th to the 8th.

I always stay on track with everything I do, some things in life are much more gratifying, planned.

Happy New Year to everyone again, may 09 shine and shine better everyday. Safe Holidays to all.

Much love,


leflassh. said...

your outfit sounds fabulous
you should post a photo!!

electric feel said...

i don't like Freja but the photo is great

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Amazing pic.
Happy New Year!

Siska said...

freja beha is such a cutie!

agnes said...

Happy New Year my dear!!!!
The use of light there is AMAZING!!. i love it :)

LoveMore said...

haha love the outfit to work! i have a pool party tom i wearing my new DIY Levi bleach wash cut off's too..woohooo ill post a pic of it soon fo sho.
all the best for the new year! and YAY for your blog i like it.
xxx LM

STEFANIE said...

Ooh I loved that shoot too! Wasn't Natasha Poly in it too?
Anyway, Happy New Year!!

hande's closet said...

this is so amazing !!!

Antonia said...

love this photo!

Bella said...

First let me say, gorgeous photo.

NYE came... we partied, we conquered, and here we are amid the new year.

Here's hoping it's amazing!


Blood Roses said...

freja looks gorgeous...and happy new year!

hannah said...

gorgeous photo! happy new year.

deep_in_vogue said...

Happy New Year, babe! Can't wait for new pics!

Val said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Val said...

I love the photo. Your new years sounded amazing, i wish the temperature were anything close to beach weather here in the northern hemisphere :(


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