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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

heating up

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Since concluding Semester 2 of University last week (though it feels as if it has been a month already due to the crammed events on a per day basis) I've finally embraced freedom and have been celebrating with the people I love! Love the holidays, especially this one. A lengthy 4 months worth of fun.

Besides all the partying, shopping et al I've also been job hunting! Today I had a brief interview with Versace, guess we'll have to see how that one goes in a few days or so. Tomorrow another interview as well as another one on Monday. So crammed. But I do enjoy interviews...wierd huh? Any tips? Hehe.

Furthermore I've noticed all kinds of sales are creeping up, seemingly all crammed in the next few days. (I'm still bummed I didn't go to the Sass & Bide sale.) Tomorrow I'm attending the MYCATWALK.COM sale up in Balmain, I'll let you all know how it went and what I buy :)

Ahh...X'mas is just around the corner. I should do a pre-X'mas wishlist post soon. Craving for so many things at the moment! Just to make a quick note - I'm going to get these Zimmermann babies! (The first one on the left). What do we all think? I love the frills, it's too cute to resist!

Hope you guys have been having an awesome week. Yay Friday tomorrow, can't wait.

1st Source: tfs
2nd Source: Zimmermann Website (Screen Capture)


Bambola said...

wow. you have a gorgeous blog! So many beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes. =)

Lluviaschick said...

love the dress n the first picture. good luck with interviews!!

Blood Roses said...

versace? wow! hope you get it :)

Lisa said...

mel love.

goodluck with the interviews.
let me know how it goes.
is versace for retail?
oh my. i would be tempted but could not afford a single thing.

yay for summer holidays.
it is summer here, but i leave for COLD.COLD Canada in less than 2 weeks. for 2 months.
BUT i can't wait to see my FAM+FRIENDS. sooooo excited.

i think heaps of sales will be going on this year due to the economy.
that is why i am going to wait last minute to christmas shop ;)

love your zimmers.
i have that onesie ;)


thanks for your sweetness.

STARR said...

Good luck with your interviews + sales! Linked you ;)

stellawantstodie said...

holiday...what a lucky girl!! and sunny weather...Im so jelaous!

here it´s raining.. :(

nice pics!

have a fun weekend!

CapuccinoB. said...

the photo is amazing, wow


sarah said...

hope you get the job cause that would be awesome. the sass and bide sale was quite good but there are so maany more sales coming up! those zimmermann bikinis are so so so so good i want one as well x

Rissa said...

Oh my god, you lucky thing! I wish I was in Sydney right now, so many great sales.

And good luck with the interview!

Mel said...

Aww thanks everyone for the lovely wishes! xx

Fashion Tidbits said...

ahhh!!!! i want a Zimmermann bikini so bad!

Alissa said...

ohh i hope your interviews are going well! i have two friends who have worked at versace and loved it.

the zimmermann cozzie is so cute. i was at the bondi store the other day and saw many lustworthy pieces. but actually almost bought some shoes. mmmm.

i am so not up on sales! i know nothing about them! now i feel like i'm missing out big time!

and last but not least in this ragtag comment, the cozzie in my polaroid post was 'something' and so cheap! i love it! (i think it was you who said you recognised it, if not just disregard this bit)

and now off to sunbake!



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