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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ripping and fringing it

Ok. So we have all seen this. On/off the catwalk. Fashionistas trotting around even at shopping malls spotting the DIY ripped denim/body of works (I witnessed this in the CBD on my way to uni, she could pull it off I must say). I'm not sure if I'm ruthless enough to try this myself. But it sure looks like a lot of fun, tempting may I say. I'll start off with slashing basic singlets. Yeh, good one Mel, let your anger out on your poor tops just because the exams are around the corner.

So to be honest here, I'm sure we are all a bit over the whole fringing trend. Yet we are still seeing it powering on, on the catwalk. I love the pink fringing dress with the silk bow tie on Vlada by Ellie Saab. It's so lustworthy and oh so me.


Prica said...

I KNOW RIGHT!! But I do dig fringes!!

leflassh. said...

great photos!

i love all the ripped jeans.

No soy tu estilo said...

i love agyness!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

I love the fringed dress too!! I've secretely lusted over those fringed leggings and jeans but I too do not think I'd be able to pull them off well! Booo to me! heeehee just look at Agyness.. sigh..

yiqin; said...

Okay, I am so tempted to cut my jeans right now!!! My mum will kill me though..


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