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Sunday, February 22, 2009


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So I have a lingerie fetish. I can't resist to purchase anything I've set my eyes on. These wise words 'dress from the inside, out' will forever be with me. Beautiful lingerie always makes my day.


Stephanie said...

omgod tell me about it!!! I have such an addiction to sexy lingerie!!! I just completely have no self-control when it comes to a gorgeous bras. Calvins are my everyday pieces and I reach for Princesse Tam Tam and la Perla for days when I want to feel a little sexier ;)

Also re: the leather jacket quest---> about a year ago I was on a desperate search for a Mike and Chris piece but in the end you know what- I suggest looking on ebay or thrift stores because I no longer see the point in spending so much on a leather bomber when you can get a just as nice, maybe nicer one that's worn in!

rachel kara said...

i made this little thing where i would buy new lingerie everytime i got upset by my ex.
my already over flowing underwear draws now can't close!

i agree, those are very wise words :)


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