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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

solemn undertones and understated glam

Image and video hosting by TinyPic [Joop 09 Runway]

Gee. Been a while since my last update. (I've missed you guys!) I think the term 'busy' itself is insufficient to describe how I've spent my weeks. But it's all smooth sailing besides an amass of changes along the way and the fact I've missed out on the virtual world - quite specifically, blogging itself. To my suprise I didn't realise my last update was almost a month ago until one of my best friends mentioned the fact my blog has been left untouched for quite some time now.

So Sydney's undergoing an array of weather modifications in the past few days, from scorching days to glacial winter chills. These noticeable changes have heightened my focus on winter clothing. I've realised we're headed towards autumn already. Besides the half packaged/summer stock, the winter wardrobe screams 'black, black and more black. Maybe a sprinkle of grey here and there oh and cream too...but mainly black'.

This dominating colour, having partially filled 70% of my wardrobe will surely be thrown into the spotlight in the short run. I'm a sucker for LBDs and nothing beats glossed-up Louboutin ankle booties, raised hemlines (daring) and a coat pretty enough to make you melt (literally).

Joops's A/W 09 is highlighted with blunt fringes, straight hair, and superlative palettes of winter styling. Heels adorned with height you've never imagined possible yet you wouldn't think twice about the audacity of your purchase. PVC skinny legs, black leather pants, subtle sequins adorned in reflective darkness and studs are known to surely bring out that relaxed, edgy and coolness you've longed to render.


sarah jane said...

woohooo, i've missed your posts girl. welcome back

sarah jane said...

p.s i love your writing

LoveMore said...

so much greaness you have shared! love it! the vogue cover especially, she is gorgeous!

and i hear you with weird weather..we had seriously scorching hot weather for two weekds straight (all of which i somehow survived without air con?) and now its chilly and wonderful! welcome back jeans! finally! i love jeans. yay for me.

welcome back again dear!

xx LM

sarah said...

im really enjoying the rain right now after that boiling hot day on the weekend! the weather is so weird hey, its so unpredictable. im excited for winter now, winter clothes cant wait. i noticed you hadnt posted in a while and i was thinking you had stopped but obviously not, keep it up i love the pictures you post there great x

Anonymous said...

i live in California and the weather seems to be the same here as well. one day it's pouring rain & the next it's hot & sunny. Anyway, welcome back. i adore your blog!


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