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Sunday, February 22, 2009

times like these

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[Ph. Miguel Domingos at Lacroix]

I'm currently hunting a black, warm, wool coat. My friend just bought a Cohen et Sabine one the other day. So perrfect. Can't wait to wear all my Winter clothing. I'm in desperate need of a black leather jacket though. No suck luck so far - everyone recommends Mike & Chris. Any other suggestions guys?

Much Love


LoveMore said...

oh lucky you knowing a sass and bide beauty!!!

and no package today! if it doesn't come tomorrow im going to be worried!!!

good luck finding a leather beauty..i got mine from topshop.

:) xxxx love LM

CHIC Sensibility... said...

Love this pic.

Stay chic,

Camille lala Wong K∆ said...

me i can't wait for wear my summer clothes !!!

Vintage Tea said...

Oh these two are so stylish and chic! love it

Please check out


Michael Oats said...

I recently updated my site with a new shooting.
I hope u like it!



Photographed by Michael Oats

electric feel said...

love them

agnes said...

Vlada looks soo lovely and comfy in that coat, i can definitely see where your desire came from! :)

i am not sure abt the black leather though, since we are like an ocean away, perhaps you can go to Neiman MAcus site to have some inspirations??

erikas said...

Gorgeous! Good luck with your jacket hunt:)

Girl next blog said...


F Blog said...

beautiful photo!!

Cindy said...

thanks for the comments on the wardrobe, mel. i trade the winter stuff for some warm aussie weather even your winters are warmer then it is here. could luck with your hunt. my favourite leather jackets are either vintage, asos, twenty 8 twelve, topshop or veda.
the new biker twenty8twelve from fall 09 is insanity, i will buy it.

rachel kara said...

go to cream on crown.
im not sure if they have there winter stuff in yet but when they do they get really good leather jackets (hoodies and biker) for about $130. fingers crossed they dont try and cash in on the trend and jack the prices up....but its been like that for the past couple of years.

hande's closet said...

omg i really and really love ur blog:)u have amazing pics on ur blog very insp...i am adding u to my daily reads right now!!
kisses HANDE:)

Trendy Gourmandise said...

nice looks

Anonymous said...

sorry, i have no suggestions DDD:
btw, i love the photo. its so candid and cute :)

Mimi said...

My mind is a complete blank! I hope you find the perfect coat and jacket!

Thank you for commenting, I'm really loving your blog! Keep in touch :]


She's Dressing Up said...

This image is lovely!
Hope you find a great leather jacket!

Lizy Curtis said...

love your blog!!!

Mel said...

big thank you to everyone for contributing ideas to my winter wardrobe :) loving it all xx


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