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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sorry lovelies, haven't had the chance to reply to comments/update my blogroll! Will get onto that asap. I'm still reading/catching up on all the lovely updates of your I've been missing out on!

A quick update before I hop into bed! Having been heavily consumed in my busy schedule with Uni creeping upon Week 4 .. ALREADY and part-time work followed by a handful of catching up with friends, birthdays, and the new boy. I'm mentally and physically exhausted once again. Where's that holiday when I need one. Thank god, the Easter Break is just around the corner again. But then too bad it only lasts 1 week.

I hate to be whinging all over again - I need to look for another job :) I just obtained my perfect interview-worthy attire. A sleek, dark navy, small bell sleeved above the knee sheath dress cinched with a matching belt akin to Rouland Mouret (ok fine, no where near that extravagant but with my current budget it passes) I'm still searching high and low for that internship. Not that I've given 110% effort especially in admist the economic crisis, I'm at least trying. And to top it off, my 'wish-list' continues to grow - in contrary to my current income. Bad idea huh?

Yes, that's what I keep telling myself. That the Marchesa inspired, gold trimmed butterfly sleeved mini dress is not a must-have. And the same goes to the Antipodium black zipper mini with customised silver chains that I have trouble getting into...let alone out.

Have a great week guys!

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take my breath away, one last time

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What does everyone think of Flora by GUCCI? I'm stocking up on new perfumes for Winter 09 - my all time fave is still FLOWERBOMB V&R, but I'm loving the new Juicy Couture scent. It's a must have - though the new release is anything but a Winter scent, it's beautiful - so summery, young and oh so fresh. I'm in love.

i guess i was lying to myself, when i told you that i loved you

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drifting in these silk layers

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Aww I love Kate Hudson, some find her annoying however I think she's the cutest thing ever. I fell in love with her personality in that movie - 'how to lose a guy in 10 days'. Sassy, funny, strong-willed, bubbly and unpredictable - wish I could be all that haha. Too cute.

Monday, March 16, 2009

style crush


Dree Hemingway - gosh, this chick renders an utterly irresistible appeal with her laid back, casual yet high-end wear. Slashed silk/ctn blended tees, block colours of grey, black and white and accessorised to perfection. Her long locks predominantly dominates and polishes off her outfits, reflecting her inner grunge.

Inspiring. She's not just another supermodel with the atypical off-duty look.

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amaze me.

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[Brit Awards, Feb 18, 09]

Oh Alexa, love the sequined dress and her legs are just amazing.

wouldn't mind some leather

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[Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Berlin]

So perfect. The amazing black leather pants. I want to wear them all throughout the upcoming winter.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

this obsession with blazers

Image and video hosting by TinyPic [Numero Japan]

So since Uni commenced on Monday, I've been horrified at the state of my wardrobe. Blatantly speaking, not very 'uni-esque'.

I've been wearing bandage singlet dresses in grey and black with black tights and black ballet flats. Toting around a black, flat tote and additional cream, long scarves to polish the look. I haven't been too fussed (not that I'm ever fussed with uni attire, I'm just thankful when my hair is clean) especially with the unpredictable yo-yo weather headed daily, it's been a day of singlets and denim cutoffs and a day of black blazers, tights, minis and plain tees.

Monday lectures are the hardest, 9am... I always sleep in. It's been hell trying to head back to the morning start cycle. With abundant V bottles and my love for mochas and iced coffee keeps me pumped to get through the day.

Yesterday I went on a Mag spree, bought 5 mags to keep me pre-occupied and today I bought all the textbooks I needed for my courses this semester. I'm looking forward to the Zimmermann sale tomorrow. I'm dragging the boy with me since the location is unheard of. Oh Zimmermann, I cannot wait.

Much love,

she's electric

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Ms Richie's white applique floral dress makes me smile. Like gentle folded frostings on an heavily iced cake. Is simply divine.

girls gone wild

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I just bought a one-piece leotard the other day in stretch lycra, plain yet highlighted with a low back and a slighlty low-cut neckline. I've been wearing it with high waisted DIY Lee denim cutoffs. I miss Summer, looking back I didn't spend as much time as I would have liked at the beach. I did however try fake tan for a month or so... after the colour faded, I looked like a circus freak. Oh I'm back to snow white again :) it's going to be a long Winter after all.

cute as a button

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Simple. Yet so classy-chic. This ballerina-turned model polishes a red attire to perfection. Flamboyant, yet she pulls it off well with croc-skin pointy patent heels.

draped in nothing more than prada

Image and video hosting by TinyPic [Vogue Aus, Mar 09]

I want that Prada bodice bra with the silk/satin ribbon tie. Oh it's too sweet for words.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

honey, uni started yesterday

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[Natasha Poly in Vogue Russia, Mar 09]

I just started University again yesterday. Another busy semester; 14 weeks til I go on holidays!! Is it terrible of me to consider my mid Semester and July holiday plans already? Ooh I can't wait!

Much love,

you sit and ponder. i scream your name. The concavity of the unknown.

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It's 4am,
I tip-toe down the corridor.
Almost unheard of.
Unforseen, swift movements of a silhouette.

Slow turnings of the tap.
Water trickles in impetuous motions.
I dry my hands and change.
In the distance my phone hums to the mild beat of the heat.

I let him know I'm home, safe.

Familiar sleek satin and coolness overwhelms me.
Vanilla scented undertones, musky.
Sheets spreaded and crinkled in darkness.
Mild against my skin.
A sigh of relief.

I'm home.

access arena

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Alexander Wang A/W 09.

I wish I had better access to Wang. I want everything from this season.

she whispers amongst your reveries

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