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Monday, October 6, 2008

I know it may seem typical, but my next big purchase...

Sources: Mystyle, Hannah Couture,

2.55. chanel. 2.55 chanel 2.55. The words pierces through my mind. Everytime I hear the mention of those words, the hair at the back of mind neck prickles my skin. An instant jolt of happiness.

Sure most would say, it's overrated, over-priced and not worthy of your minimum expenditure of 3000 grand US. But I've wanted one for so long and everywhere I turn I catch a glimpse of the beauty whether in magazines, editorials or in real life. A positive electric shock, I tell you. Serving a persistent reminder that this is on my next to-buy list. A splurge soon to come, but I'm sure will be worth every cent. Black, silver hardware, medium sized, classic flap...circulates in my head repetitively.


Lisa said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you wrote exactly whats been on my mind for years!!!!!!!

that savings i spoke about.
its for a 2.55.

I've wanted one for at least a good 5 years.
the history behind it is glorious.

its a classic. end of story.


which one are you going to get ? ;)

ps- thanks for your beautiful comment. you're VERY sweet Mel.


it's a timeless trend & I don't have it yet :(
i maybe cause am more into big totes & satchels >_< suits my life style more ..
but I got 2 have .. so I can pass it on 2 my grandchildren one day :p

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