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Friday, October 3, 2008

looking good.

Backstage models, flaunting it.
Kroes, Donaldson, Stegner, Werbowy, Poly, Lee, the list goes on. They know they look great with perfect make up and minute blemishes in sight. Not to mention strong, high cheekbones to kill for and million dollar contracts. Can we blame them for looking this good?
It is no suprise that in such a competitive world in every aspect, beauty seems to be the catalyst in self-presentation. Just have a look around you. Magazines filled with hundreds of new technological buys with La Mer being leader of the beauty pack, promising you a guarantee in line smoothing and looking your very best at any age at a price you pay on your fortnightly mortgage. Look at your friends. I know my girlfriends will usually buzz about the latest lipgloss they purchased yesterday, making their lips appear fuller and 'more seductive' and attractive...Duwop, lip venom. The list goes on...
How about in my Psychology lectures a few weeks ago. My lecturer clearly explained how the world functions through elucidating Social Psychology. On the topic of looks as a world concept. The 'pretty' people will be judged as 'kind, loving, successful' and the 'ugly' are usually 'manipulative, cunning, foul-mouthed'. Take children's books for example, Cinderella - the innocent character herself and the witch in the eyes of society. We tend to unconsciouly compare and place them into catagories through a division of clearly fixed schemas we tend to fixate with. This world phenomenon of classing beauty and looking beautiful is a cultural vision, embedded in the very detail in our genes.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

this was a stunning post.

not only the photos. but YOUR writing + insightful views. i agree with you 100%... its SO easy to get swept up in the media + the next craze... its only natural. We are sensory beings. So we have to realign ourselves and be thankful for what we have.

thanks for the loveliness.
good luck with finals.


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