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Monday, October 27, 2008

Recent Purchase

Dearest readers,

I apologise for my lack of updates and how slow I have been with returning comments - will get onto that soon :) I've been having the busiest week - although it is only Tuesday. My workload is creeping up with an assessment due on Friday that I am yet to start (not to mention, understand) and finals in a week and a half. I'm going to need a bit of a delay.

On a lighter note, I bought this Sass & Bide, Be Free dress 2 days ago - it was half price and I just couldn't resist with RRP at AUS $690. Not to mention with only one left in my size, a US 2. What do you all think of the dress? I know the flower applique is on the large side but the lightweight of the silk is smooth and calming. I'd wear it to a Black & White event.

Impending invite.


agnes said...

what a nice cocktail dress it is.! it's a great choice. I am sure that you will be spotlight on that night when u wear it. \:)

leflassh. said...

i love it! the open back is fab.

Lisa said...

mel love.

how are you ?

ah things have been hectic. i feel you.

but nothing better than a good shop.
love the monochromatic dress. my style.

i think with minimal/no accessories it will rock. the flower is stunning. all you need is a good pair of shoes + clutch.
+ a wicked event.

you should snap a picture with you in it! yes yes yes.

oh dear- thanks for your sweet comment. you're seriously such a doll.

oh and if you buy those Burberry's i will be insanely jealous- what size of feet do you have ? he he. any cast-offs you have to make new for those new beauties ;)

aw. thanks for your sweet comments on me old bod! i think i have just stayed the same my whole life! I am very thankful. but i love being active- pilates + walking are my favs!

i hope you're well love + school is not draining you as it is me.

sending all my lovies.

hannah said...

gorgeous. i love the back and the flower is amazing. so unexpected.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Cutie little dress. I love the waist and the detail. :)

Thanks for your comment, dear.

xo/ fashion chalet

Bella said...

It's soooo pretty, and I adore the mod-ish flair... you'd better do some outfit posts!!!! It will be stunning, I'm sure!


And I'm hoping things slow down for you... I understand the unexpected craziness (and sometimes expected) that life just loves to throw at us!!!

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